GC23 News

BOA Elections Results

July 27, 2023

FMCUSA Elects BOA Members

General Conference 2023 delegates met by region Thursday to elect new members of the denominational Board of Administration. The following people were elected BOA members from each region:

Clergy (West):

Superintendent Michael Forney

Amelia Cleveland-Traylor

Soo Ji Alvarez

Lay (West):

Jennifer Black

Michael Griffin

Faye Johnson

Ed Song

Clergy (North):

Superintendent Bruce Rhodes

Louis Colon

Katrina Wilkins

Lay (North):

Elisée Ouoba

Eric Logan

Gloria Girgis

Cindi Newman

Clergy (South):

Superintendent John Lane

Al Sones

Raisa Fabre

Lay (South):

Amy Colgan-Clark

Jan Coleman

John Davis

Alex Soto