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Wednesday’s GC23 Resolution Roundup

July 26, 2023

The plenary sessions of General Conference 2023 continued Wednesday with delegates electing Pastors Edward Kenneth “Kenny” Martin and Kaye Kolde and re-electing Bishop Keith Cowart to serve as the three members of the Free Methodist Church USA Board of Bishops for the next four years.  (Read more.)

An amended version of Resolution 303, “As Regards Creation Care,” was approved 144-113.

Delegates voted 128-113 to refer Resolution 305, “Dignity & Worth of Persons: Sexual Orientation,” to the Study Commission on Doctrine.

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The plenary sessions of General Conference 2023 began Tuesday with delegates taking action on the following resolutions.

Resolution 499, which would have increased the number of bishops to four, did not pass. It received 148 “no” votes and 111 “yes” votes.

Resolution 411, which ensures the FMCUSA Board of Administration includes a superintendent from each area, was approved 167-92.

Resolution 301, which finds “the death penalty as currently applied to be inconsistent with our commitments to the sanctity of life,” was approved 164-90.

Delegates also voted to reconsider a couple of resolutions previously decided by the FMCUSA BOA: 424 (XLT Language in BOD) and 603 (Freeing Kingdom Workers). These resolutions will be debated and decided later this week.

Visit gc23.org/resolutions for the full text of resolutions.